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Our Mission is Fighting HIV/AIDS and illiteracy. Helping Others! Help for – sick/lame: cancer, lupus, autism, dengue, sex and other diseases; abandoned babies/children, orphans, handicapped, elderly, unfortunate, unemployed, poor. Help with: clothing, shoes, medicine, vitamins, food, wheelchairs, education, medicated soap/lotion, pampers, under-pads.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to feed homeless people living in damp caves, children born at garbage Dumps, and abandoned babies, toddlers, orphans, and old people living there; they compete with animals/birds for food.

WE NEED YOUR HELP in purchasing diapers and under pads for children and adults who have advanced HIV/AIDS who cannot prevent themselves from defecating; they use one diaper/under pad and then wash and re-use it because they have no money to buy more.

Please listen on your computer or cell phone ( to our Community Christian radio service operated in obedience to, and fulfillment of:

  • The Two Great Commandments…Los Dos Grandes Mandamientos – Matthew/Mateo 22: 37-40
  • The Great Commission…La Gran Comisión – Matthew/Mateo 28: 18-20
  • The Cultural Mandate…El Mandato Cultural – Genesis/Génesis 1: 28