Our Mission is Fighting HIV/AIDS and illiteracy. Helping Others! Help for – sick/lame: cancer, lupus, autism, dengue, sex and other diseases; abandoned babies/children, orphans, handicapped, elderly, unfortunate, unemployed, poor. Help with: clothing, shoes, medicine, vitamins, food, wheelchairs, education, medicated soap/lotion, pampers, under-pads.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to feed homeless people living in damp caves, children born at garbage Dumps, and abandoned babies, toddlers, orphans, and old people living there; they compete with animals/birds for food.

WE NEED YOUR HELP in purchasing diapers and under pads for children and adults who have advanced HIV/AIDS who cannot prevent themselves from defecating; they use one diaper/under pad and then wash and re-use it because they have no money to buy more.

Please listen on your computer or cell phone (www.Tunein.com) to our Community Christian radio service operated in obedience to, and fulfillment of:

  • The Two Great Commandments…Los Dos Grandes Mandamientos – Matthew/Mateo 22: 37-40
  • The Great Commission…La Gran Comisión – Matthew/Mateo 28: 18-20
  • The Cultural Mandate…El Mandato Cultural – Genesis/Génesis 1: 28